Banner Advertisements

Nevada County Commerce or Placer County Commerce


Banner Advertisement Details

1. Cost is just $49 per month.

2. We build the banner ad for you at no extra charge (see examples below)

3. We can place your banner in any available location in our web network except the front pages of the websites, which are reserved for the businesses that link up there. (Front Page Link-Up Details)

4.  You can choose to have your banner placed in your business directory, or any allowed location.

5.  Your business must be relevant to Nevada County or Placer County.

6.  Your first month's start date is determined by when we complete and place your banner.

7.  We will use your website content to create your banner and will directly link to your website.   Or, uou can provide us with your own banner ad  when you place your order if you prefer.


Examples of Banners