Our Web Network - Since 2004 we have been an online presence.  In 2016 we had 322,014 visitors to our local web network: NevadaCountyCommerce.com,    AboutGrassValley.com,   FoothillBulletin.com   PlacerCountyCommerce.com,   AboutNevadaCounty.com,   PlacerCountyThingsToDo.com,   FoothillGO.com GoldCountryPhotos.com,   NevadaCountyThingsToDo.com,   AboutPlacerCounty.com,   AboutNevadaCity.com,  More Websites Coming Soon!


 Search Engines- Today’s major search engines compete with each other to give users access to accurate information and unique content.   Their search engine gathers “spiders”   information on the internet by reviewing websites and following links on websites.   There are some things you should do to help to keep your website competitive:  Have Quality Content -  The search engine spiders are able to tell if your website contains quality content relevant to your intended user. Do Frequent Updates- The search engine spiders look at the date of your last update, and recent updates are given more relevance.  Optimize Your Local Presence - Make sure your business name, address, and phone number are on your front page.  Create quality backlinks- Backlinks are when another website links to your page. The more links to your website from legitimate, high traffic websites - the better your ranking becomes.  


It is FREE to have both a business directory listing and a link to your website, if your website is relevant to Nevada and Placer County.   Take advantage of our high internet traffic and local content.  Both Nevada County Commerce and Placer County Commerce are updated frequently.  Make sure your business is there.    Nevada County Business  Directory   Placer County Business  Directory